Caretaking and concierge service

With our concierge or caretaking service, we take care of your property or house in your absence, with all the associated benefits such as welcoming visitors, surveillance of the property, maintenance of the garden among others tasks.

You own a property (second home, holiday home) located in the Var, and would like to bring him the maintenance and care that are due in your absence, throughout the year?

By subscribing to a concierge or caretaking contract, we are committed to keeping your property in a presentable and welcoming state in all circumstances, so that you feel immediately at home when you arrive :

  • Housekeeping / cleaning of the rooms
  • Garden maintenance in any season
  • Pool maintenance
  • Outside maintenance (paintings, shutters)
  • Immediate intervention in case of problem
  • Pet care

Currently 20% off for any caretaking subscription!

Our activity area in the var includes Lorgues and it's surroundings

Why an annual subscription ?

Subscribing an annual contract has advantages like the gardener hourly rates you benefit, lower than individual interventions rates.

You are also sure that the same professional will take care of your garden and your property.

Renovation works

We can give you a follow-up of any renovation or expansion work in progress. We can contact your usual service providers for the different taskes to complete or manage all this for you with our qualified service providers. For your property in the south of France, our team can do various works of traditional landscaping or house renovation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about our annual caretaking contracts or our concierge service using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or by calling us at:

+33 6 83 29 76 55