Our Services

Our activity: creation, development, and maintenance of gardens, parks, or any other flowery space. From this activity follows several services, explained and pictured below with our work's photos below.

Garden maintenance

A complete care of your garden, including the following tasks carried out, among others :

  • Lawn mowing
  • Various plantations
  • Plant treatment

  • general trimming / clipping
  • Path and grove weeding
  • Soil protection


Many constructions are possible, to beautify your garden or ease things for you, such as driveway creation or garden shed for your equipment.

  • Fence creation
  • Grove creation
  • Synthetic lawn
  • Lawn plates
  • Wooden terraces
  • Stone walls

  • Vegetable creation
  • Garden shed
  • Pools, fountains
  • Alley paving
  • Outdoor stairs
  • Stone restanques
  • Rockfill

Tree pruning / felling

We are operational for all types of pruning and delicate felling.

We take care of pruning the branches of the tree before cutting the trunk securely.

  • Wood evacuation
  • Tree and hedge pruning

  • Delicate felling
  • Plant grinding


We do all kind of clearing, from the small garden to the forest land, we also take care of road borders.

  • Clearing with wire, blade or tractor

  • Mowing evacuation

Automatic Sprinklers

We offer different types of watering, from simple drip with autonomous tap programmer, to automatic watering with autonomous Bluetooth programmer, manageable with smartphone application (or computer).

Pool maintenance

We handle your swimming pool maintenance, with or without chem products, according to your preference. Degressive rates are applied according to the number of interventions and the work duration.

  • Setup
  • Maintenance

  • Wintering
  • Sheeting